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Software Engineer

Passionate software engineer with solid development background.
Enjoy learning new things and stay up to date with the latest standards.
I also like logic, mathematics and efficiency.


docker web-ui android monitoring easy-to-use

Originally, Albatros is a WebUI that help you to manage one Docker server. There is also an application which is kind of an "android extension" of that WebUI which allow you to keep an eye on your servers wherever you are. In order to communicate with your server, you need to install the Albatros container that you will find on the Docker Hub as "dcylabs/albatros".

LFKT : Learn Fast Keyboard Typing

angular web statistics predictive speech-synthesis

Firstly made to learn Russian keyboard layout and vocabulary for myself, it became a fun game when I added the English wordlist and the speech synthesis. For learning purposes, it provide some statistics of your typing sessions such as typing rate, mistypped keys and words to help you improve yourself. If you would like to find other languages and layouts, feel free to ask ! :)

Komparator : Easy compare list files

comparison angular excel data-transformation fast clipboard

The tool easily absorb SpreadSheets and Raw text files to extract data into a list of values, that can be thereby transformed using the data transformation module (Regular Expression). Once extracted and transformed, data are compared to see what's new and what doesn't exist no more in both lists.

Please note that the tool doesn't collect your data, all the computing process is done by your browser

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